About Us

La Cucina for catering services

La Cucina was established in 2008 in the area of Mussaffah with an organized kitchen that can cater about 3000 people simultaneously.
Our state of the art kitchen provides a variety of menus covering a wide range of nationalities including but not limited to the following:
We hold experience in catering to :

  • Western (American & European)
  • Far Eastern (Korean, Filipino, Thai’s Vietnamese & Indonesian)
  • Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese,)
  • Arabs Local Arabs and Mediterranean

La Cucina Approach

We at La Cucina believe that the utmost levels of customer satisfaction, service and food hygiene are achieved through a process of self-auditing, corrective action, external checks and adherence to a formalized Quality Management System.

We continue to do our best to improve our products and services by educating and training our work force in the latest work methods and procedures.

We will continue to be the best in our scope, by attaining standards of Quality and Services for keeping the reputation and image of La Cucina Services as one of the world's leading International catering companies. La Cucina strictly abides by the policies of the Ministry of Health regarding hygiene and quality control. Furthermore, La Cucina guarantees client’s satisfaction by following the essential points below:

  • Our Chefs are carefully chosen to suit the range of cuisines we offer.
  • Using the freshest and only top class food staff available.
  • Ensuring fastest delivery and most careful handling by utilizing the latest equipment available in the field.
  • Proper storage of all prepared food and ensuring cooking at correct temperatures.
  • Following the client’s previously agreed upon menus to the letter.